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Bulletin II

June 22nd 2014

Dear Participant of PACSOS 2014,

Some new facts and reminders;

  • Please remember to up-load your talks at the latest at the evening proceeding your presentation
  • At the conference site two Wi-Fi networks are available for PASCOS participants:

       - eduroam

       - dedicated PASCOS network, name and password available at the registration desk

  • The exchange rate from Euro to PLN is approximately 1 Euro  4,1 PLN

The Local Organizing Committee           

Bulletin I

June 16th 2014

Dear Participant of PACSOS 2014,

Since the beginning of the conference is approaching this is to collect facts most relevant up to date:


We would be grateful if you could verify that your conference fee has been already transferred according the instructions in http://pascos2014.fuw.edu.pl/fee.html . We would appreciate if we could collect all fees before June 18th.

 We are looking forward to seeing you in Warsaw,

The Local Organizing Committee

Presentation time

Note that time for

  • a plenary talk is 35 min + 5 min, while for
  • a parallel talk is 17 min +3 min