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Plenary sessions

Monday June 23 Tuesday June 24 Wednesday June 25 Thursday June 26 Friday June 27
9:00-9:40 J. Ellis The SUSY Marathon: LHC Run 1 and beyond A. Linde Inflation in supergravity and cosmological attractors J. Silk Prospects for indirect detection of Dark Matter N. Fornengo New directions in multiwavelength and multimesseger signals of dark matter H.P. Nilles Aligned Axionic Inflation
9:40:10:20 S. Tkaczyk Recent CMS Results A.Ch. Davis Constraining Modified Gravity J. Garcia-Bellido The Local Inhomogeneous Universe and the Dark Energy Survey L. Hall Dark Matter from the Multiverse: SUSY and Axions F. Quevedo Phenomenology and cosmology of sequestered string models
10:20-11:00 K. Köneke Recent ATLAS Results Y. Nomura The Quantum Multiverse -- From Black Holes to Cosmology A. Sagnotti Pre Inflationary Clues from String Theory? A. Hebecker Large-Field Inflation in String Theory   C. Burgess EFT for Large Fields and Stochastic Inflation
11:00-11:30 coffee
11:30-12:10 A. Djouadi The post-Higgs MSSM scenario R. Kallosh Progress with de Sitter Landscape W. Buchmuller Chaotic Inflation from False Vacuum Decay G. Dvali Corpuscular breaking of supersymmetry T. Taylor Strings at the LHC and beyond
12:10-12:50 J. Gunion Physics at the Crossroads G. Gabadadze Massive Gravity and Cosmological Constant E. Dudas Large-field inflation and Supersymmetry Breaking A. Pomarol Effective field theory approach to BSM physics D. Kosower The State of the Amplitude
12:50-14:20 lunch
14:20-15:00 S. Petcov Theory Prospective on Neutrino Masses, Mixing and Leptonic CP Violation parallel(6x4)
J. Ellis The Higgs Boson and Beyond
A. Linde Inflationary Multiverse
parallel(6x4) J. Espinosa The Stability of the Electroweak Vacuum
15:00-15:40 A. Pilaftsis Flavour Covariance in Leptogenesis V. Branchina Stability of the Electroweak Vacuum and New Physics
15:40-16:20 A. Casas What is really a Natural SUSY scenario? B. Grinstein Unitarity Constrains Additional Higgs Bosons
16:20-16:50 coffee
16:50-18:10 A. Czarnecki Searches for new physics with muons parallel(4x4) parallel(4x3) parallel(6x4)
M. Pospelov New ideas in searches of light particles from dark sector
18:10–18:50 parallel(2x4)